A unique experience
at “Les Lumières de la ville”

You are at the heart of the «Neustadt» where history fascinates..

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Neustadt district was erected by the Prussians from 1871. Remarkable district where all the buildings had for vocation the prestige of the Empire: the place of the Republic surrounded by the Palace of the Rhine, the Theatre, the prefecture, the National Library. Further on the Central Post, and at the bottom of Liberty Avenue the University and its gardens. In the center it is you.

As a gift, the Neustadt guide brochure

The «whole Strasbourg» is at the bottom of your home: exciting.

A few steps further, you enter the big island, and you discover all that Strasbourg has of remarkable: the quays and its barges, museums gathered around the Cathedral, everywhere terraces, finally the «Petite France» district…. the menu is hearty. Enjoy.

As a gift, the use of bicycles to roam the city